I co-host and produce the number 1 (and only) Hugh Grant podcast on the internet!

The show has an audience in more than 65 countries and has charted in the top-10 of TV & Film podcast charts in multiple countries including the UK, Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Cambodia. Check us out and follow us on Twitter @TakingHugh or on Instagram @takinghughforgranted.

This new fortnightly podcast asks the question: “Are we taking Hugh for granted?” Hosts Diggory Waite and Oscar Beardmore-Gray met while studying at the University of Bristol and soon realized they had a mutual appreciation for Grant’s rather underrated acting.

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My wife is sleeping with your son! By which I mean she’s discovered Taking Hugh for Granted and listens to it in bed…she loves it! As a result, we’re now binging on Hugh!

Tom Adam

The podcast nearly caused a nasty accident.  We entered the Dartford Tunnel at the point at which Oscar claimed the film was rubbish, I nearly crashed the car! And his hatred of all period drama. The horror caused by lumping Jane Austen in same bracket as Downton Abbey almost caused a violent swerve! I am with Diggory all the way on this one….that Sense and Sensibility is one of my top 5 all time films.

Paula Thompson

The only podcast available giving Hugh Grant the recognition he deserves, an essential for the people. Delves into Grant’s filmography deeper than the surface level in a light-hearted and investigative way. The balance is hard to strike. Genuinely one of the most enjoyable podcasts going.

Georgia Teague

What a find! A hammock for the ears! As a former Hugh-sceptic, I have been bowled over. You will find yourself not only falling in love with the man Himself, but also the two gentlemanly shamans taking you on the ride.


A unique, hilarious and incredibly insightful podcast into one of my most beloved film-stars and quite possibly Britain’s most prized possession. Keep up the great work! This podcast certainly GRANTed me all my wishes…


A fantastically put together pod packed – heck, dare I say overflowing – with insight and thought provocation. Am working through the trauma I suffered upon hearing some challenging Notting Hill related opinions, but I guess that’s the thing about Taking Hugh for Granted: it might not tell you what you want to hear, but it will always tell you what you need to hear!