NBC News

I was an associate producer on NBC Nightly News’ broadcast of ‘The Fish You (Don’t Know You) Eat, a year-long project I worked on as a fellow of the Global Reporting Program. Follow the links to watch the two-part mini-documentary piece on the fishmeal industry.


In late 2019, I produced the first phase of development of The Cannabis Cure, a documentary exploring the impact of medicinal cannabis. This included a ten minute short where I arranged and shot interviews with a number of characters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The documentary will examine what legalisation of cannabis in Canada has meant for the medical community and the potential it has to help cure a variety of conditions and diseases including epilepsy, cancer, PTSD, insomnia and others. The documentary will particularly focus on new research studying the link between cannabis and opioid substance abuse. I spent time in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community exploring how cannabis helps those suffering with addiction issues and could potentially be the answer to North America’s horrific opioid crisis which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives over the last decade.


In the build up to the Canadian federal election in October 2019 I was a production assistant on CPAC’s Riding to Watch series, previewing crucial battlegrounds across Canada.

Richmond-Steveston East riding

Vancouver South Riding

Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation (CBC)

In the summer of 2018, during my internship at CBC London, I helped produce various pieces for CBC News The National: